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Meet LAjazz.com 2.0

The new LAjazz.com includes many of the features and information of the original LAjazz.com, but in a new format that's much more multimedia-friendly, along with being faster to load from one page to the next.

If you're looking for information about upcoming jazz events on a daily basis, please visit Tom Meek's About & Out blog, which will now list live jazz best bet information across Southern California for ten days of events, published new each Monday, with additional venue location information for most shows.  Beginning in 2021, About & Out has its own web domain at lajazzpicks.com.

In addition to Tom's weekly About & Out, information about upcoming jazz events by Neighborhood is available via Featured Events and venue links via our new Neighborhoods pages.  A select number of events for the next three days is also available via the Quick Calendar at the bottom of the LAjazz.com Home page.

Both LAjazz.com and our blogs will contain much more video than available before, giving you a chance to sample more live music coming to venues across Southern California. Any of our blogs can also now be subscribed, and you'll receive a notice when they're published with a link to pick them up at your convenience.

LAjazz.com will now also include slideshows, images, and video from Premiere Concert Halls and Major Jazz Venues across Southern California. This area is home to some of the most respected jazz clubs and concert halls anywhere, and we hope you'll take a look at what you're likely to experience when you pay them a visit – our Premiere Concert Halls now have their own dedicated pages.

Most clubs are listed as Regular or Occasional venues – clubs offering primarily jazz music three or more nights a week are listed as Regular, while those offering less, or where other types of music are more common on average, are included in the Occasional listings.  Every venue listed has a link to their web page or calendar.

LAjazz.com now features hundreds of web links to more information about venues, jazz festivals, concert halls, and related jazz information. We hope you'll take the chance to explore the huge variety of jazz this area has to offer, and use the information on LAjazz.com to plan your upcoming jazz events.

If you're looking for other jazz fans to join up with to attend jazz events, LAjazz.com now has a page devoted to jazz Meetup groups across Southern California. Another new page is devoted to major free music events, as well as a page listing regular jam sessions.

We also hope you'll visit the new LAjazz.com Mobile site with your smartphone, which contains nearly all of LAjazz.com's key information, presented in a way much closer to the design of the main web site. Multimedia including video will now be available on mobile devices including our main site and blogs for the first time.  

Your iPad or tablet may display our Mobile site by default - just ask your browser to display the desktop site if you desire - we've tested and optimized LAjazz.com 2.0 for a wide variety of tablets, displays, and smartphones.


Purple text on LAjazz.com 2.0 usually links to other web pages inside or outside LAjazz.com – click the purple text to follow the link for more information.

Orange text on LAjazz.com 2.0 links to a Google Map in a Premiere Venue's description.

If your older desktop, tablet, or mobile browser has issues with the new LAjazz.com or our blogs, we suggest you upgrade to a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera (all free) for a better experience.

LAjazz.com uses SSL technology to help protect all sensitive data input and transactions - if your browser has difficulty loading pages, please refresh, or if necessary, use a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox.

If you want to learn more about what's behind the decision to create LAjazz.com 2.0, please visit our Q&A page here.