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​​Dee Dee McNeil, born in Detroit, Michigan, spent her early musical life as a contract songwriter for Motown Record Company. Although she is successful commercially, McNeil's roots and real passion have always embraced jazz music. She's a diverse writer, poet, plays piano and sings professionally. Her freelance articles and CD reviews have appeared in publications in this country and abroad. Ms. McNeil is currently producing jazz concerts helping keep jazz music alive, raising the pay scale for jazz musicians, introducing jazz to a younger audience, and at the same time, sharing historic facts about some of our great jazz artists. When she is not performing at jazz clubs, she is a part-time vocal coach at the Music Perforrnance Academy (MPA) in Alhambra where she also teaches Artist Development.​​

You can find Dee Dee McNeil's latest writings on her new blog here - https://musicalmemoirs.wordpress.com/.

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Rita Edmond  Glance At Destiny

Slideman Slim & Penny Hanna - Procrastination

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Cathy Segal-Garcia has been one of the main forces in building and connecting the L.A. jazz scene.  For the last 40 years she's sung, taught, produced, composed, and created situations in which everyone wins.  With 9 CDs in the marketplace that include legendary artists like Peter Erskine, Marc Johnson, Ross Tompkins, Joe Diorio, Ted Greene, etc, she's traveled the world with her career, and especially has a deep relationship with Japan jazz.  Growing up in Boston, and attending Berklee in the early '70's, Cathy is known as a "musician's singer", and has many accolades, awards and honors.  With a strong and spiritual philosophy of life, her never-ending energy and creativity amazes her many fans and co-horts!  "I feel that music and all forms of art are a total necessity, and along with communication and understanding, are the healing for all of us...and so speaks the responsibility of the artist."

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Prior to his adventures as a jazz photographer, Dailey Pike is blessed to have been a working stand-up comic during the 80s and one of the television's top audience warm up comics during the modern "golden age" of sitcoms and talk shows in the 90s. His IMDB credits span hundreds of TV episodes plus two "jazzumentary" films, "Bob Barry-Jazzography In Black & White" and his most recent doc, "A Not So Average Joe," a behind the scenes look at Frank Potenza's Joe Pass tribute album, "For Joe."   Dailey is also responsible for many of the wonderful images found throughout the LAjaz.com website.

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Jay Jackson is one of LA's busiest jazz vocalists and producers.  Jay performs in and produces more than 100 jazz events a year, ranging from small restaurants and coffeehouses to large supper clubs and concert halls. His company, Jay Jackson Jazz Presents, books more than 100 jazz singers and instrumentalists throughout the greater Los Angeles area.   Jay is also known around the world as the quirky 'Perd Hapley' from NBC's beloved sitcom, 'Parks and Recreation', as well as dozens of other guest appearances in films and television. 

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​Tom Meek first began writing "About & Out"  in 2007 before becoming Editor of LAjazz.com in 2011, and President & Managing Editor in July, 2014. Tom is a Los Angeles-area native who grew up in Ohio with a father who was a noted regional swing drummer and a library of thousands of jazz and popular recordings. Tom's emphasis at LAJazz.com is on what's happening in live jazz across Southern California, and he is a frequent attendee at clubs and venues around SoCal to enjoy some of the best music being made nightly anywhere on the planet.

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Tom can be reached via e-mail at lajazzeditor@gmail.com