Coronavirus - COVID-19 Message 30 – October 19, 2021

As of October 7, 2021, LA County and some other areas of California will require proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test for admission to indoor restaurants, bars and events.  Please check with any venue you plan on attending for their specific requirements, and be prepared to show proof of vaccination and/or a recent Negative COVID test result at the door.

Tuesday, June 15th marked the end of most California restrictions on live music venues including bars, restaurants, and indoor/outdoor performance venues.  Some venues have begun offering full seating for live music, while others are operating at reduced capacity.  

Larger venues in California now require masks and proof of vaccination/negative COVID test, per state requirements.  Please check with individual venues for specific requirements including advance reservations, masks and social distancing. 

Some venues and musicians are continuing to offer livestream events – please visit your favorite club and artist websites for more information about livestream events – the Quick Calendar has a limited schedule of livestream events available with showtimes and event weblinks when available.

Please see the
Quick Calendar at and About & Out online at – both are updated on a regular basis throughout the week.

Tom Meek, President & Managing Editor                                     

​Vocalist/Teacher/Producer and more Cathy Segal-Garcia hosts a free two-hour YouTube live chat with jazz personalities from around the world three days a week at 12 Noon, followed by four days of archive shows Thursday through Sunday. Cathy's guests include musical luminaries such as Diane Reeves, Tierney Sutton, Ralph Humphrey, Sheila Jordan, Roy McCurdy, and many more.  Follow Cathy Segal-Garcia on Facebook for daily details.  ​​

Wednesday 10/20

12 Noon – Cathy Segal-Garcia YouTube Hang w/Morgan Ames (
Livestream Only)

6:00PM – Justin Chart – Salt's Cure – Hollywood

6:00PM – Christopher Linmann – The Drake – Laguna Beach 

6:30PM – The Cookies – Vibrato – Bel Air 

7:00PM – Avant Garde Trio – Pips On La Brea – West L.A.

7:30PM – Eric Revis – Mr. Musichead Gallery – West Hollywood

7:30PM – Brian Swartz – Sam First – West L.A.  

8:00PM – Jerry Vivino – The Baked Potato – Studio City 

8:00PM – The Innocence Project w/Beth Rohde & Marina Pacowski (Livestream Only

8:00PM – Swingin With The Mouse – Feinstein's At Vitello's – Studio City 

8:30PM – Tyrone Perkins – Catalina  - Hollywood 

8:30PM – Cassia DeMayo – Oeno Wine Bar – Atwater Village 

9:00PM – Carey Frank – Three Clubs – Hollywood 

10:00PM – Julien Cantelm – Seven Grand – San Diego 

10:30PM – Rocha Collective – Black Rabbit Rose – Hollywood   

Thursday 10/21

12 Noon – Cathy Segal-Garcia YouTube Hang w/Suzi Stren & George Oldzeiy (
Livestream Only)

6:00PM – Ron Kobayashi – Bayside Restaurant – Newport Beach 

6:30PM – Doug MacDonald – Edwin Mills – Pasadena

6:30PM – Parlor Social – Vibrato – Bel Air 

6:30PM – Lola Kristine – The Drake – Laguna Beach

6:30PM – Rose Mallett – Il Sogno Italiano – San Diego 

6:30PM – Cathy Segal-Garcia Jazz Vocalists Showcase – Conference Room – Playa Vista 

6:30PM – Joshua White – Jazz Lounge – San Diego 

7:00PM – Brad Rabuchin – Live At Zero BPM (Livestream Only

7:00PM – Kirk Covington – Eddie V's – El Segundo 

7:00PM – David Patterson Trio – Pips On La Brea – West L.A. 

7:00PM – Davey Miller LA Jazz Connection – Grapes & Hops – Ventura 

7:00PM – Kevin Crabb – Olive & Fig Restaurant & Jazz Bar – Canoga Park

7:00PM – Gina Saputo – Campus Jax – Newport Beach 

7:00PM – Dan Delgado – Cascade Lounge – Palm Springs 

7:00PM – Justin Chart – Le Grand Restaurant – Downtown 

7:30PM – Max Haymer – Sam First – West L.A.

7:30PM – Markus Burger – The Merc – Temecula

8:00PM – Adrianne Duncan + Nick Mancini – Alvas Showroom – San Pedro 

8:00PM – Billy Higgins Instrumental Jam Session – The World Stage – South L.A.(Outdoor)

8:00PM – Rafael Moreira – The Baked Potato – Studio City

8:00PM – Swingin With The Mouse – Feinstein's At Vitello's – Studio City 

8:30PM – Matt Von Roderick – Catalina – Hollywood 

8:30PM – Matthew Yeakley – Continental Club – Downtown

10:00PM – Wes Smith – Seven Grand – Downtown 

11:00PM – Tyler Hammond – Black Rabbit Rose – Hollywood 

Friday 10/22

12 Noon – Cathy Segal-Garcia YouTube Hang w/Barbara Bentree & John Rangel (
Livestream Only)

6:00PM – Ron Kobayashi – Bayside Restaurant – Newport Beach

6:00PM – Munyungo Jackson – LACMA – West L.A. (RSVP Required) 

6:00PM – Michael Bolger – Barkley Restaurant – South Pasadena

6:00PM – Natalie Jacob – Conference Room – Playa Vista 

6:30PM – Gilbert Castellanos – Westgate Hotel – San Diego 

6:30PM – Melissa Morgan – Vibrato – Bel Air 

6:30PM – Mikan Zlatkovich – Golden Island – San Diego 

​7:00PM – Nick Mancini – The Grape – Ventura 

7:00PM – Sunny Blue – Pips On La Brea – West L.A. 

7:00PM – Kevin Crabb – Olive & Fig Restaurant & Jazz Bar – Canoga Park

7:00PM – Adam Michaelson – Langham Hotel Tap Room – Pasadena 

7:00PM – Sacha Boutros – Il Sogno Italiano – San Diego 

7:00PM – MaQui – The Drake – Laguna Beach 

7:30PM – Karim Yengsep – OC Fish Grill – Irvine 

7:30PM – Joe La Barbera – Sam First – West L.A.  

7:30PM – Malachi Whitson – 220 Arts & Archives – Downtown 

8:00PM – Diane Reeves, Chucho Vales & Joe Lovano – Segerstron Hall – Costa Mesa 

8:00PM – Black Market Trust – Barclay Theatre – Irvine  

8:00PM – Joel Taylor – 1881 – Pasadena 

8:00PM – Paulie Cerra – The Baked Potato – Studio City

8:00PM – Kevin “Brandino” Brandon – The World Stage – South L.A (Livestream Only)

8:30PM – Brian Bromberg – Catalina – Hollywood 

Friday, October 22nd at 1881 Bar, Pasadena - Drummer Joel Taylor hosts a weekly Friday night jazz series with some of the world's finest musicians, this week featuring Mitchel Forman on keys, Danny Janklow on sax, and Kevin Axt on bass.  ​ 8:30PM

​Thursday, October 21st at Alvas Showroom, San Pedro - Pianist and vocalist Adrianne Duncan and vibraphonist Nick Mancini split a bill at Alvas Showroom, featuring Edwin Livingston on bass, Jimmy Branly on drums, Katisse Buckingham on flute/sax and John Tegmeyer on clarinet.  8PM

​​​The Baked Potato is offering on demand repeats of 2020 livestream concerts.  Shows feature Kyle Eastwood, Mitchel Forman, Dean Brown, Doug Webb, Luis Conte, Scott Kinsey, Don Randi & Quest, and moreCheck out the shows live from The Baked Potato stage hereCheck the club website for details and schedules.


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Saturday, November 6th at The Village Studios, West L.A. - The Jazz Muse Concert Series continues with New York-based pianist Laurence Hobgood joining L.A. vocalist Janis Mann, backed by bassist Mike Gurrola and drummer Roy McCurdy for a night of innovative jazz.  7PM